Men’s Monday Jan. 14, 2019

The video to which Chuck’s message started yesterday was certainly an eye opener. When I was growing up, based on my limited exposure to God and being very naive, I assumed that everyone knew God, believed in Him and was going to heaven. Now, it burdens my heart to know that this is NOT the case. The video was just a reminder that we have a lot of work to do. And boy did we get our Worship on yesterday. God’s whispers to Leon’s heart put us in the Spirit as we moved toward the message. Please be in prayer for brother Leon as he continues his march against all that is affecting his health. Chuck yesterday drew us a picture of who God is, or at least touched on a few characteristics that will let us identify who He is and how He works in our lives:

  1. God is the supplying One. He supplies hope, grace and peace. 2. God is the sovereign One. “…who is and who was and who is to come…” (Rev. 1:4) 3. God is the saving One. He loves you, He looses you and He will lift you. 4. God is the sacred One. He deserves our praise and our obedience.

What more do you need? Stop and read aloud those four characteristics. God is… And now pray, giving thanks for the supplying, sovereign, saving and sacred One and reflect on how each, as a Christian, hold you up, keep your strong and keep you in check as you walk with Jesus, know ultimately, that your journey ends in eternity with our perfect God. Warning, here comes the evangelical part, probably the most important part depending on where you are in your relationship with Jesus. Are you reflecting these characteristics into the mission field? Are you/we/I sharing and showing our community what God is and how much love He offers to help us in every decision we make? If not, I say again, I/we should be. At Chipotle the other night, I was standing in line, ordering my food. A guy sitting at one of the tables engaged us by asking where our loyalties lie, with USC or Clemson. My answer was Jesus. That answer led to a lengthy two-part conversation. More importantly, it led that man to our body yesterday for worship. Praise God! As Chuck stated now the last three weeks, time is short and while we do not know the exact time, we do know it will come. It is my prayer that your heart is burdened for those in our community and those in the video we watched yesterday, will have their eyes and hearts open to a lasting and loving relationship with Jesus. We will be meeting this coming Wednesday night; this week’s discussion will be on Chapter 6 of John Eldredge’s book Wild at Heart since our conversation last week took us in a different direction. As always, please hear me, if you have not joined us before, please consider doing so, NOT worrying about that we are in Chapter 6 (still). This group of men meets most importantly for the fellowship. I/we would love to see you there. I pray you have a great week. Please be in continually prayer for brother Leon. If there are other prayer requests, let them be known and we can all pray for them. I love y’all. Trevor

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