Men’s Monday Feb. 25, 2019

Are you standing for Jesus? Is he getting your 100%? Even when challenged? Or confronted? The answer is…wait for it…you are not going to like it…NO, you/we are not. If we were, after some 2000 years, Jesus would be the One to which most people would aspire. Jesus would be the One who would garner the greatest respect. One of the simplest challenges I have with some regularity is folks taking the Lord’s name in vain. It absolutely pains me to hear some one invoke God’s name provainly; even to the point of just saying “Oh my God!” It hurts me Spiritually and emotionally. But in most cases, what do I do about it? Nothing! However, there are times where I do take the stand and correct the sin. Do you correct it everytime? Are you standing for Jesus?   We as Christians are sensitive to those things around us that attack our faith, but we know we are being attack. Many others, the ones doing the attacking, at times, do not know they are even attacking; their heart is so for removed from Jesus, from what is right and righteous. Fact #1, society will hinder you. Some of the most important words spoken yesterday in my humble opinion, “As secular SOCIETY becomes more tolerant, it will become less TOLERANT of CHRISTIANS.” How much more tolerant are we to become? We are caring and loving and that gets twisted into hate. Much of it we bring onto ourselves by simply NOT standing for what we believe! Fact #2, the Savior will help you! He does not get in the way; He does not hinder you; He will help you, so long as your rely on Him and proceed with His guidance. “No matter what you FACE, Jesus has not only FACED it, but He has CONQUERED it.” Fact #3, suffering will hurt you. Christians suffer in many ways, tribulation or pressure, poverty and persecution. I refer you back to Fact #2, the Savior will help you! Fact #4, service will humble you. How are you serving? How are you on a daily basis giving to the efforts of your church, your community? How are you shining His light and making contact with those souls who are need of what He has to offer? Humble yourselves and become something more; put on the armor of God each and every day and march into the secular society where the things that stand in opposition to our faith, to our belief system, and attack each and every intolerant behavior with love, with care, with concern, with the Light of Jesus. Look for ways to develop a relationship with someone who is is need of what God has to offer. It is all about relationships guys! There are no programs, no magic formulas…nothing that it more important than relationships! Personal relationships refer to close connections between people, formed by emotional bonds and interactions. These bonds often grow from and are strengthened by mutual experiences. What experiences do you have that you can share with others to help them understand the love of Jesus? My guess is many of you, if you really think about it. Use your experiences, use your passion, use your wounds, let your wall down, expose yourself to others so that they can see for what makes you who you are. Most will recognize in you a portion of themselves and from there, a relationship will grow and both you and your disciple will survive through the pain.   Finally, Fact #5, surrender will heal you. “When you stay surrendered to God and His will through your suffering, God will heal your pain and bless you by allowing you to live in His Presence forever.” The goal is forever, but there are those around you, those you love, that forever, at this point, it NOT a possibility. What are you going to do to help that become a possibility?   Our prayer this week, our goal, is this. Please pray this aloud: Father, Your Son Jesus and the Spirit with whom dwells among us, I come to You today, asking for Your guidance, Your love in helping me identify one intolerant, secular, lost soul within my community and stand up for You, showing them You, in both my words and more importantly, my actions. Help me with my relational skills, relying on you and those brothers within my church. I love you Father and now, I am listening Jesus……   In Your most perfect and wonderful name I pray, Jesus Christ, King of kings, Amen!   (left in from last week but still relevant) There is a world out there that needs you! Will you answer that call? Will you be that foot-soldier for God? What are you passionate about that will point folks to an encounter with Jesus. How can you use that passion for that goal? Pray over that and let me know how I can help you hear God’s call to your life!   I will not be with you this Wednesday as I am having surgery on Tuesday. David will be leading the group; who knows, maybe we will get to chapter 7. Please be in prayer for David Jones this week as he is traveling all week. Continue to be in prayer for David Hurt’s dad, Garnett’s son’s friend fighting cancer, Daryl Godfrey recovering from heart surgery, Terry’s divorce struggle and Jody, as the Spirit stirs his soul for someone at work who is in need of Jesus. There are many others and we pray for them as well. See ya soon!   I love y’all.   Trevor

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