Men’s Monday Feb. 18, 2019

Men’s Monday Morning Message – For What Are You Passionate?  

For what are you passionate?! Where does the desire of your heart lie? Is it work? Is it your wife? Is it hunting? Your gun collection? Fishing? Your clothes? Shoes? Your money?
NOW, do NOT hear what I am NOT saying…there is nothing wrong with being passionate about any of these things. They are God given and should be appreciated…however, is Jesus the one for whom you are most passionate. Does your passion for Jesus guide your decisions and passion for this partial list above? Is Jesus the reason you get up in the morning? Is Jesus in the forefront of your mind as you save or use your money? Is your love for Jesus great than anyone or anything else on God’s creation, including your wife? Well it should be!!! Pastor Chuck walked us through Revelation 2 yesterday, providing biblically sound reasoning for where our passion should be!

  First and foremost, we must recognize the RIGHT passion. It involves the RIGHT PRACTICE, the RIGHT PATIENCE, the RIGHT PURITY, the RIGHT PERCEPTION and the RIGHT PERSEVERANCE. Passion is more than doing right and working hard; passion is more than enduring for Jesus (a lot more); passion is more than standing against sin; passion is more than standing for the truth; passion is more than sacrificing for Jesus. The Right Passion is when loving Jesus with all your heart is your priority!   Secondly, we must recognize when we abandoned that passion, or if you ever really had it! If you love this world more than you love Jesus, then you have abandoned your passion for Him. That is a hard one guys, as we are men of this world, being bombarded by this world, looking at the world with our human eyes and influenced by many others. Solution…let go of the world or maybe better put, stop tolerating the world. Let your faith define you and NOT the world. Put on your Jesus goggles; look at each and everything as if your life and the life of others mattered because it does. And STOP allowing anything or anyone other than Jesus influence your thinking. Don’t worry about be liked or even hated, that comes with your relationship with Jesus because your reward in heaven is better than any amount of money, recognition or material things you obtain here on God’s creation.   Finally, we must return to the right passion. How? 1. Remember when you loved Jesus! 2. Repent of the sin of abandoning your first love! 3. Repeat the expressions of love you once offered JESUS! 4. Remain committed to the truth! 5. Respond to the presence of Jesus.   Can that be your prayer today? Please pray this aloud to Jesus: Heavenly Father, Your Son Jesus and the Spirit with whom dwells among us, I come to you today, asking for your guidance, your love in helping me stir my soul for when I first loved you. A time that my passion was so driven by your presence. I ask for your forgiveness and repent for abandoning You. Jesus, You are a part of who I am but I ask that you become ALL of who I am. Give me the courage and the strength to abandon the world instead of abandoning You. I lift up to you my sins and ask that I learn from them, turn from them and be the light that reflects those sins into a positive for Your kingdom. And Lord, help me keep my focus on you, day and night; every minute of every day. Help me remain committed to Your truth as given to us in Your most perfect Word. And Lord, help me turn off the world for a few minutes, shut my brain off to the worries of what I must do today so that I can hear and respond to Your presence. I am listening Jesus……   In Your most perfect and wonderful name I pray, Jesus Christ, King of kings, Amen!   There is a world out there that needs you! Will you answer that call? Will you be that foot-soldier for God? What are you passionate about that will point folks to an encounter with Jesus. How can you use that passion for that goal? Pray over that and let me know how I can help you hear God’s call to your life!   Last week, we were unable to get to chapter 7 as we served Pam and her ministry. This week our goal will be to get to chapter 7 of Wild at Heart. David is cooking this week so that does mean he will need our assistance in setting up, cooking, cleaning and breaking down. The more hands the better! Just as soon as we can, we will move to the classroom behind the kitchen to study and fellowship.   I love y’all.   Trevor

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