Men’s Monday Dec. 31, 2018

God’s timing is absolutely perfect! Do you agree with that? While true, there are many times that life just does not feel that way. Why? Because we do NOT put God in charge. We think that we know what timing is right; we think we have the answers. I do not know where I heard it, but I am confident that it is not original to me, but I say with some regularity, “Do you want to hear God laugh? Tell Him all about your plans!” Chuck illustrated to us with the story of Christ’s birth, God’s perfect timing. God could have chosen to send His Son at any point in the infinity of time. So then, let us apply that to His second coming…it could happen at any time…while you are reading this, later today, next month, 1000 years from now. Whatever the case may be, the collective we, mankind, must be ready or the consequences are dire. I know I reinforce this with some regularity but are “we” ready. The answer may be yes for you but what about those around you?   Another great lesson presented: God, the Son, came to us to redeem us from sin and adopt us as sons. How about that?! Jesus erased away our sins and invited us into His family. Chuck mentioned that we all have come to this point in our life along many different paths. Some have a great family life, others do not. However, when accepting the invitation into God’s family, we forever have a Father who loves and cares about us. I often think about and pray for those who go through so much but do not have Jesus with whom to converse. He is a shoulder to cry on, an ear to tug on, a God to curl up with and work through whatever it is your issues are.   In closing, remember, YOU have a new family; YOU have a new Father; YOU have a new future. It is commanded by God for each believer to take this part of the message to His children, so they will hear His song, hear His words and feel His love and step into a relationship with Him and begin a new future. Thank you, Jesus!   We have come to the end of another year and another beginning. Will this be the year that you take your commitment to the Father and share it with as many who will listen? 2019 is going to be a great year. I am going to pray for each of you by name on New Year’s Day. My prayer will be that you, God’s church, will be a part of a revival and discover new and creative ways to bring the Gospel message to the world. I will pray that your gifts as given by God will be used to serve Him greatly. I will pray that you will hear God and more importantly, follow His direction. Just so you know, the first name will be Trevor. Set aside some time today and listen for God. Listen hard! What is He telling you? How can we serve together to win souls to Jesus? “Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!” Psalm 27:14   I love y’all. Happy New Year!   Trevor

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