Words From Pastor Johnny: Upcoming Sugery: PRAYER NEEDED!


Friday, June 10th:

Well, IT IS ANOTHER HALLELUJAH DAY everyone!!! God woke me up this morning!!! Psalms 118:24!!! We can chose to be MAD, SAD or GLAD!!! ME, GLAD!!!

My aorta aneurysm surgery has been put off for two months now!!! It is tentatively scheduled for Friday, August 12, 2016. I have to be at LMC, West Columbia @ 6:00 am that day. Pre-op will be prior!!! Dr. Terry Norton will be my surgeon!!! I will see him on Thursday, August 4th to finalize everything. Hospital stay will be the day of surgery and overnight in ICU. Then, if all goes well, I will be released on Saturday by noon straight from ICU. I cannot drive for a week and will have a minimum of three weeks recovery if that all goes well!!! Dr. Norton is a Godly, Godly Christian man and doctor!!! I stand amazed at the way my GOD HAS PROVIDED FOR ME!!! TO HIM BE ALL THE GLORY, HONOR and PRAISE!!!

I am healing well from my pancreas and spleen surgery with the tube out now and down to 199 lbs. Dr. Norton wants to wait far enough out to make sure there will be no infection issues from the previous surgery, THANK GOD for such a man of GOD!!!

Again, there is no way Mrs. Roma and I could ever THANK YOU ALL ENOUGH for those POWERFUL, POWERFUL PRAYERS you have offered in our behalf!!! Please keep them going for us!!!

Sending our Love, Blessings and Prayers for each of you and your precious families,

Bro. Johnny and Mrs. Roma

Wednesday, May 25th:

Just heard we may have a visitor this weekend call “Bonnie”!!! She wants to bring us some wind and water and shut down our beaches on Memorial Day weekend of all things!!! What is this LADY thinking about?????? Doesn’t she know we have to get our suntans and drink in some beautiful beach scenery?????? Surely she understands that no good Baptist would skip church to go to the beach!!! Lols!!!

Think of all those who have given so much that we could even have a Memorial Day!!!! Hats off to all who gave; some gave ALL, but ALL gave something!!! May we never take for granted the great privileges they gave to us as we pause and recognize their awesome sacrifices which has afforded us the privilege to enjoy the fruits of their steadfastness and faithfulness to the cause of FREEDOM here in these United States as well as other countries around the world!!!

Well, took the twins with us today to see the doctor and I must BRAG on how good they were!!! No whimpering at all, just GREAT in EVERY WAY!!! Of course they take after their Papa, maybe, just maybe their Nannie too!!! Lols!!! Doctor said I looked just GREAT!!! Course I knew that!!! And he didn’t have on glasses either!!! Looked at my drainage, which is now down to 8 mLs, and decided to wait one more week before removing the tube!!! So, the Lord willing, I go back
next Wednesday 
and OUT SHE COMES!!! WHOOPIE!!! It will definitely be a HALLELUJAH DAY!!! But all days are a gift from God so HEY, I am OK with all that has transpired and the time frame as well. God is good all the time!!! All the time, GOD IS SO, SO, GOOD TO US!!!  I could NEVER EVER PRAISE HIM ENOUGH!!! I am not facing CANCER, CHEMO, RADIATION and everything else that goes with it!!! Church of the MOST HIGH and Sovereign GOD, SHOUT HIS PRAISES!!! DECLARE HIS WORD AND HIS GREAT and AWESOME GLORY!!! He reigns victorious!!! HALLELUJAH TO HIS NAME!!!
Saturday, May 21st:

Good Saturday Morning Everyone,

Awesome rain for parched earth, seeds to sprout, flowers to bloom, and just some nice cool weather!!! No complaints from me!!! NO SIR!!! As the Apostle Paul wrote, “…I have learned to be content in whatever sate I am in…” Philippians 4:11-13.

Went to see my Doctor 
on Friday
!!! Took the twins with us again!!! They’re just the BEST!!! No problems or issues with them!!! They enjoy being with Papa and Nannie!!! Drainage down to about 10 mLs, so guess what, YEP, you are right!!! I still have my drain tube in!!! That’s OK with me!!! Doctor said my color looked awesome!!! I could have told HIM that!!! Why just look at God’s SPECIAL Specimen!!! He’s the POTTER!!! I am the CLAY!!! Never known the dirt/earth to tell the CREATOR what to DO!!! NOPE, definitely not ME!!!
Anyways, the color of the drainage is changing to what the doctor said it is supposed to look like before the tube comes out so I have another appointment with him
next Wednesday 
afternoon and maybe, just maybe, that will be the day God chooses for it to come out for good!!! Who cares though; absolutely no worry on my part. HE HAS HAD THIS FROM THE BEGINNING!!! I kinda love that personal touch I have been receiving from Mrs. Roma dressing my drainage wound every day!!! She’s really gotten good at it too and guess what, I have learned to just shut my month and let her do her thing!!! Anyways y’all, that’s about how she goes!!! Had a great time in the pulpit last Sunday and can’t wait to be back tomorrow!!! 
Special prayers for each of you and your families,
Pastor Johnny
Friday, May 13th:

Hello Everyone,

Went to see the doctor today!!! Took the twins with us!!! That was fun pushing them in the stroller and Nannie with the over sized diaper bag!!! Seemed strangely familiar!!!! Just a few moons ago with Joni and John who were both in diapers at the same time for awhile!!!

Well I didn’t get my drain tube out!!! I am OK with that!!! I want to be sure I am healed before my aorta aneurysm surgery which has been put on hold!!! Sure don’t need any funny looking stuff floating around in my engine oil (BLOOD)!!! Drainage is down from 40 mLs to about 16 mLs every 24 hours!!! HAS and I repeat,


to be 5mls and below before they will even talk about removing it!!! Fine with me though!!! Just haven’t taken a shower in a month yesterday!!! So if you smell anything out the ordinary when you are near me and if you hug me it just might be me or maybe the twins since I’ve been handling them too!!! Joking of course!!! I want you all to know I have had some of the finest doctors, nurses and support staff I could ask for!!! All of them 10’s in my book!!!
Someone asked how I felt and I said, “…Usually with my hands, how about you…?” Lol!!! Someone else asked was I doing OK??? I said, “…yep, fantastic, and that’s better than 409, try it you’ll like it…” Lol!!! Then I got real serious and told my docto
r on Wednesd
ay in Orangeburg that Moses was 120 years old and neither was his natural face abated nor his eyesight dim, although he did have a slight speech issue, and I didn’t mind one bit if God wanted to do the same for me!!! Seriously, I feel about 40 years old, have lost 27 lbs., not eating bad, like fried chicken, etc., and am walking over a mile each day. Planning on preaching, the Lord willing this coming Sunday for the first time in four Sundays!!! Went in to work two days this week for about 4-5 hrs. each day!!!

Well, that’s about it!!! Just keep those powerful prayers going for me/us!!! God is so, so good to me!!! I am so, so blessed to have people like each of you in my life!!! You have all been such an inspiration for us and to me!!!

Love, prayers and blessings for each of you and your families,

PJ and Mrs. Roma
Thursday, May 5th: 

Went to see my doctor today!!! Had a good visit in a lot of ways!!! No, I did not get the drainage tube out yet. Still at around 18-20 mLs a day!!! Doctor still wants it to get below 5 mLs before even considering removing it!!! That’s fine with me!!! I am in NO HURRY!!! God’s timing is never wrong!!! HE HAS THIS and HAS HAD IT EVEN BEFORE I WAS CREATED AND KNEW THIS, REMEMBER!!! HALLELUJAH to HIS GLORIOUS NAME!!! Oh, the classroom of “Patience” is where I find myself!!! Lord, help me keep a teachable spirit!!! I have so much to learn!!! Also, still running a low grade temp in late evenings and nights!!! Still finishing those powerful antibiotics!!! White blood count though now back to normal. PTL!!! No follow-up blood work or CAT scans scheduled at this juncture!!! PTL!!!…One of my EBA pastor friends shared several thoughts with me I think are worthy of passing on!!! Here they are!!!

  1. We can never have a testimony WITHOUT A TEST!!! Hmmm!!! It is not what happens to us but how we respond to what happens to us!!! “…for me to live is Christ and to die is gain…” Philippians 1:21
  2. Smooth seas do not make storm seasoned seaworthy sailors!!! Yep, the Great Apostle Paul said, “…all this happened unto me for the furtherance of the Gospel…” Philippians 1:12. The Apostle also said, “… who comforts us so that we may know how to comfort others…” 2 Corinthians 1:3-5
  3. Please keep those powerful prayers going for me/us!!! We could never ever THANK YOU enough!!! Plans are to be at DFBC

Sunday for Mother’s Day!!!

Love, prayers and blessings for each of you,

PJ and Mrs. Roma
Tuesday, May 3rd:

Health Update:

Will see the Dr. Libbey again on Thursday at 1:45 pm. At this point, drainage is down to 20 mLs a day!!! Must be down to less than 5 mLs before they will consider removing the drainage tube. Still running low grade fever around 100.4. My normal range is around 97.5. No schedule yet as to when my aneurysm surgery will be done!!! Still taking a powerful antibiotic as well. I am walking a mile a day and have lost about 23lbs so far. Feel great, think I’m looking great too, HA! HA!, and am getting my strength back slowly. Please keep those powerful prayers going for me/us!!! God is so, so good to me!!! I feel so honored and especially humbled and extra blessed to serve with such a great church like DFBC and my Edisto Baptist Association churches, pastors, leadership and each of you.

Pastor Johnny
Friday, April 29th:

Good Afternoon Dutch Fork Baptist Church Family and SPECIAL FRIENDS,

Well, what you are reading and hearing today is it right out of the “Horse’s” mouth, as the saying goes!!! SO, HERE SHE GOES!!! Fasten your seat belts!!!

Great doctor appointment today overall!!! PTL!!! HALLELUJAH!!! However, there are a few glitches still in the process of my recovery. Hear me carefully now, “I am not now or neither will I be complaining nor am I about to start complaining here, yes sirree, no negativity here.” God has BEEN TOO GOOD to me!!!

Had to have blood work up done at LMC at 9:30 am today before doctor appointment. Then saw my grand doctor at around 10:45 am. Was he on top of his job???? Absolutely he was!!! Amen and amen!!! White blood count is now back to normal, PTL, for a male of my young age!!! No temperature either!!! However, because culture did grow some bacteria, he did put me on a more powerful antibiotic than I was on to cover all the bases.

Drainage tube still in though!!! Drainage is at 40 mL a day and needs to be down to around 5 mL before he will even consider removing the drain tube, so guess what???? That’s putting my aneurysm surgery on hold until my pancreas totally heals and there isn’t any drainage!!! OH WELL, IT SURE COULD BE A WHOLE LOT WORST!!!

Lord, I know I am not a patient person but I don’t remember praying for patience EVER, nope, NEVER, NOT ME THAT’S FOR SURE. I’ve got better sense than that Lord, because I know you told me and said in your word that tribulation worketh patience!!! Romans 5:3

But Lord I am so, so glad you’re the POTTER and me, well I am just that ole lump of clay that you decided to do something with!!! EVEN AT MY AGE!!! UNBELIEVABLE LORD that you would chose to still work in me!!! Jeremiah 18:1-10; Philippians 1:6.

So, there you have it folks!!! Straight from the “Horse’s” mouth!!! Oh I DO LOVE YOU ALL SO, SO, MUCH!!! Can’t wait to see you each one!!!

God’s humble and oh, so, thankful servant!!!

Pastor Johnny
Tuesday, April 26th:

Good afternoon, everyone.  Pastor Johnny asked me to pass along the following update on his recovery:

Severe pain and a low grade temperature sent him to the doctor yesterday.  At the doctor’s instructions he went on an antibiotic and had a CAT scan done at LMC today.  There is no infection but they are watching his white blood cell count.  There is, however, inflammation around the incision and the drain tube.  More blood work is scheduled for
Friday.  Aneurysm surgery is postponed indefinitely until there is no more threat of infection.  He also must remain on his current, strict diet until the pancreas heals. The family thanks you for your continued prayers on their behalf.
Saturday, April 23rd:
Good Morning, 

I am reveling in the beautiful day the Lord has given to us, Psalm 118:24!!! I choose today to, “… rejoice and to be glad in it…” He has given me another day to serve Him regardless of what any of us may face!!! May His awesome love, forgiveness, mercy and grace be experienced by all of us anew and afresh today as we chose to surrender more of ourselves to His magnificent plan for our life.

Mrs. Roma and I could never ever thank you enough for those powerful, powerful prayers that our God above in His infinite wisdom, mercy and grace has chosen to answer in our behalf. We will be forever indebted to you for your fervent and persist approach to God’s great and awesome throne of mercy and grace in our behalf. The drain tube is still in but today it seems as if not quite as much drainage is coming from it. Hopefully and prayerfully we can get it out ASAP so we can go ahead with surgery #2 for my aorta aneurysm as scheduled for Friday, April 29th at LMC, West Columbia, SC.

We are still amazed at the absolute sovereignty of God how He brought all of this to pass for my good and His awesome and magnificent glory, honor and praise!!! I just can’t praise Him enough!!!

Again, blessings, love and prayers for each of you.

Pastor Johnny and Mrs. Roma

Tuesday, April 12th:
Dear Friends:
Pastor Johnny Muller came through surgery great. The doctors removed his pancreas and his spleen. He will be in the hospital 3-5 days. They will know more about results in a week or so.
Thank you for your continuing prayers!
The Family of Pastor Johnny Muller
Pastor Johnny will arrive at the hospital this Tuesday, April 12th at 10 am. His surgery will begin at 11:30 am. Please be in prayer for him and his family. For those of you who would like to send him cards, please contact the church office for Johnny’s mailing address. We are standing on Psalms 118:17-18 and believe that God is in control here. We look forward to the ways in which the Name of Jesus will be glorified through our witness and through all the Lord is doing at Dutch Fork Baptist Church.
Messages from Pastor Johnny Before His Surgery:
Thursday April 7th:

Tomorrow, Friday, because they found a heart murmur yesterday at the Cardiologist appointment, I have to have a 5½ hour Nuclear Stress Test performed before they will release me for surgery on Tuesday, April 12, 2016 @ 10:00am. Nothing has ever been just simple and straight forward with me. God has always come through for me though and I praise HIM!!!

Again, I am reminded of the providential care of our God and that He has this all in control. Therefore, Mrs. Roma and I do not worry or fear because our God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind! 2 Timothy 1:7.

And now, may the Lord bless you and may the Lord keep you, and may the Lord make His face to shine upon you, and may the Lord give you His peace.  May God take you through the problem to the provision; may you, with bold, relentless faith, go straight through the problem and receive the promise of God.  Let this day, and the days that follow, be days of triumph and victory because God is a faithful God who will never fail you or leave you.  In Jesus’ name, receive His blessing to you.

Pastor Johnny and Mrs. Roma
Friday April 8th:


Love you each so, so much!!!

Pastor Johnny and Mrs. Roma


Sent to Media Team Sunday April 10th:


Pastor Johnny Muller Requesting Your Prayers!


Dear Friends:

Your Prayers are NEEDED!!!

As a result of a wreck in 2004, and then later falling out a deer stand in 2007, I developed and have an aneurysm on my aorta in my abdomen.  My GP doctor has annually checked the aneurysm with an ultrasound to monitor the growth of it over the past years.  The Doctor found that the aneurysm had started growing and transferred me to see a vascular surgeon last September, who after having a CAT Scan performed this past Thursday two weeks ago, has informed us that he confirmed the growth of the aneurysm to be 4.5 centimeters. However, also during the CAT scan, they discovered a tumor on my pancreas.  A gastroenterologist performed an exploratory procedure through my stomach this past Tuesday, March 29th at Lexington Medical Center which showed that the tumor appears to be about 3 centimeters (1 1/3 inches) and contained in the end of my pancreas with no blood vessels or lymph nodes involved presently.  Hallelujah!!!  The aneurysm graft repair surgery is scheduled for Friday, April 29th at Lexington Medical Center.  Plans are for me to be in the hospital recovering overnight in ICU and hopefully I will go home the following day if all is well and my vital signs are good.  My activity will be limited for several days as well as my driving.  Another surgeon will remove the tumor by cutting and removing approximately 1/3 of my pancreas.  This surgeon cannot schedule the surgery on my pancreas until after I see a cardiologist and have a cardiology heart workup which is scheduled for this coming Wednesday, April 6th.  Both doctors, the vascular surgeon and the surgeon scheduled to perform my pancreas surgery, are very optimistic that both of these surgeries will be very successful.  In my favor is the fact that no other hotspots, signs of tumors, infected lymph nodes, etc., were found in the CAT scan. 

Please pray for Mrs. Roma and me that the surgeries will be successful and all of the tumor can be removed with clear margins and without complications and that no cancer will be found and that no chemo and/or radiation will be needed.  We explicitly asked the doctor if he thought it was cancer and he said he could not answer that at this time.  We are declaring it isn’t and are both standing on the word of our God and numerous scriptures declaring the healing Jesus purchased for me according to Psalms 71:1-24; 91:1-16; 103:1-3; 107:20.  Thank you in advance for all of your prayers!!!

Love, prayers and blessings to all,

Pastor Johnny and Mrs. Roma

Pancreas Surgery Update:

My Pancreas Surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, April 12, 2016. 

Thank you in advance for all your powerful prayers and support of me and Mrs. Roma. Our faith is very strong and God has this so we are trusting in Him in all these things thanking Him for His awesome power and that He will receive all the honor and praise for His great glory!!!

Pastor Johnny and Mrs. Roma 

Monday, April 11th:

Today my Blog contains a shared thought with me from one of our DFBC members: Ms. Joyce Hipp. I asked her permission to share her thoughts with you today that you might be encouraged as she was through those things that our Heavenly Father permits to come our way. They truly are gifts to us. May she be used to bless your heart as she did mine!!!

“It seems when it rains, it pours…you are having a time as I did a few weeks ago that caused by body to react with anxiety.  I cried and prayed, cried and prayed….God answered my prayers and he will do the same for you and your family.  He humbles us, gives us peace to appreciate the simplicity in all things…we should simply give thanks to him for all that we have and all that we do not have.  The best gifts come from within and are often unseen but come gift wrapped in peace, grace and faith in our God and what He gave to us.” Sent from Joyce Hipp.

And now, may the Lord bless you and may the Lord keep you. And may the Lord make His face to shine upon you. And may the Lord be gracious unto you. May God restore your confidence and faith so that you can walk in supernatural strength and with a courage you have never known before. May God remove all the barriers that are before you. May God open the doors that have been closed and let a door be open that no man can close. May God send His angels before you to prepare your way so that when you get there, everything is in His divine order for your success. May God give to you, to your business, to your family a successor with a heart for Him so that there could be success sustained for generations to come from the fruit of your body and labors. May the God of heaven anoint you now with an anointing to be successful in what you do because the Lord delights in the prosperity of the righteous. May the God of the universe bless you going out and your coming in from henceforth and forever more!!! In Jesus’ name, receive His blessing and promise to you today.

Rev. John C. (Johnny) Muller, Sr.

40 Responses to “Words From Pastor Johnny: Upcoming Sugery: PRAYER NEEDED!”

  1. Randy Zeller says:

    Hi my name is randy i been going threw alot and need advice and i need advice please call me at 347 861 9987

  2. Dorothy Hall says:

    Pastor Johnny. Prayers for complete healing. GOD will never leave you nor forsake you. Sending prayers to you , Mrs. Roma and family.

  3. Ronnie & Carolyn Harmon says:

    Brother Johnny & Ms Roma and family, I just learned of this and wanted to let you know we are praying for you and your family . I know God will take care of you and he will keep you in His hands. I won’t ever forget what you did for us when our son Jody was in surgery and you stayed and prayed with us . You all are so special to us ,God Bless you and pray that your health be restored and you will be feeling better soon. God loves you and so do I . Blessings to all of you .

  4. Dena Finch Weed says:

    Brother Johnny and Mrs.Roma. . . You both are in my prayers and will continue to be as you go through what is laid before you. We bear each other,s burdens through love. Aren,t we thankful for that one set of footprints! GOD carries us and HE is in control. I love you both.

  5. Frances G Miller says:

    I have just prayed for you and your family. Please be reminded that God loves you and your family and he makes no mistakes. Hold on to the promise that He will never leave you, or forsake you. Your love for Christ and his children is evident in your lives each day. Thank you for the many ways you share God’s love with others!

  6. Hazel Amick says:

    Thinking and praying for good results . You will be in our continuing prayers . Love You Pastor Johnny and Mrs Roma

  7. Martha B Kinard says:

    You are in our thoughts and prayers today. I pray for a successful surgery and complete healing. I continue to lift you, Mrs. Roma and the rest of the family in prayer. We love you.

  8. Dutch Fork Baptist Church says:

    Thank you church family for your incredible response here. All we can say is wow! Your kind words and expressions of love and support have been SO uplifting. Pastor Johnny went back for surgery early (he is there now). His procedure will take 3.5 hrs. We know our Lord is in control!
    Isaiah 53:5 ESV
    “But he was wounded for our transgressions; he was crushed for our iniquities; upon him was the chastisement that brought us peace, and with his stripes we are healed.”

  9. Linda Kirby says:

    Pastor Johnny, I am praying and believing for total healing I Jesus name! Much love to you and your family.

  10. Linda Kirby says:

    Pastor Johnny, I am praying and believing for total healing for you. Sending much love to you, Mrs. Roma and your entire family.

  11. Stanley & Catherine Hite says:

    Sending prayers for you, Pastor Johnny, Mrs. Roma, and family. We know God is directing the doctors and staff and holding all of you close, as are all of your friends.

  12. Roger Taylor says:

    Brother Johnny,I have been praying fervently for you throughout last night and will keep praying for you , “God is our refuge and strength,a very present help in trouble .” I love you brother!!!

  13. Wanda and Luther says:

    Brother JOHNNY and Mrs Roma we are praying for you and your family. We praying all we go well
    Praying for a speedy recovery. If you need anything please let us know. We love you.

  14. Phyliss and Harold Taylor says:

    We love you Bro. JOHNNY for all the years you have been there for all our family! Now we want to lift you up in our prayers! Prayer for God’s healing, for the doctors, your family. I have piece, knowing that God’s got this!!! Bless you Bro. Johnny, with God ‘s love!

  15. Jackie wells says:

    Brother Johnny I will be praying for you and the doctors during your .surgery . Praying for Mrs Roma and the rest of the family.may God guide the doctors hand and eyes . Bring comfort to you and the family Gods got this.. There will be no cancer.. Claiming Gods word by His stripes you are healed .. Love y’all

  16. Lisa Curtis says:

    Prayers are lifted today as you go thru the surgery. God is with you & Mrs. Roma today & always. You are such a blessing to those around you. God Bless you Brother Johnny!

  17. Christina Thoesen says:

    Brother Johnny and Mrs. Roma,
    I am praying for you both today. I love you both, and know that God will continue to do a great work in your life.

  18. Sherri Hudkins says:

    Dearest Pastor Johnny & family ,
    Hannafh and I were saddened to hear of this surgery, but the lord takes care of his own! We send you lots of hugs, love and prayers !!

  19. Darlene Craps says:

    Prayers for you and your family. You’ve been there for me all alone please know I’ll be praying for you and your family God bless you. Love you all.

  20. Dial Shealy says:

    our prayers are with you. may GOD BLESS

  21. Rita says:

    Brother Johnny u and your family has always been special to it family we have loved u for yrs I remember when u baptized me and dad together when I was only 10 yrs old and now my youngest child is 11 u and your family will even in my prayers u will get throughout it God promises that love u always

  22. Angela Senn says:

    Brother Johnny, you will always have a special place in my heart. You are all in my thoughts often. I miss you and Mrs. Roma and your sweet smiles and hugs.
    I pray God gives all of you the peace that passes understanding as you have the surgery and recovery time. Our God is limitless and nothing is impossible for HIM. 1 Peter 2:24 says by the stripes of Jesus we have been healed. Our love and blessings to you all. Praying and will continue to do so.

  23. Evelyn Lane says:

    Johnny, you and Ms Roma will be in my prayers before, during and after your upcoming surgeries. God has you in His hands. We love you.

  24. Debbie Long says:

    Bro. Johnny you and Ms. Roma and your family are in my prayers. My prayers will be with the doctors and the nurses guiding their hands. God is in control. I love you all very much!

  25. JW and Wendi Monts says:

    Praying for you.

  26. Tommy and Lynn Steele says:

    Bro Johnny, you and Ms Roma are in our thoughts and prayers and we’re trusting God with you that He’s got this and y’all are in His hands. Love to you all. Tommy and Lynn Steele

  27. Terri Frye-Fulmer says:

    Prayers for you Brother Johnny , Mrs Roma & Family. Also, prayers for the Drs & nurses for GOD to give them direction, guidance & knowledge for this procedure ! Prayers for speedy recovery ! Love you all & Its all in JESUS’ Name ! GODs Will Be Done !

  28. Fay Oneal says:

    You are in my thoughts and prayers love to you and Mrs Roma

  29. Nancy Corbin says:

    Bro. Johnny, remembering you in prayer before, during and after your surgery. Also keeping Mrs. Roma in thoughts and prayers. We love you both dearly. Al & Nancy

  30. Jessie Taylor Steele says:

    Brother Johnny and Mrs Roma , know that I am praying with you and standing in agreement that it is Not cancer! Proclaiming healing over your body in Jesus Name, for we know that he is our great physician and nothing is impossible for him. Praying for steady hands for your doctors and nurses, for peace of mind for you and the rest of the family and praising God for his goodness that he is near to us and hears our prayers . May his name continue to be glorified! Sending you much love from the mountains! – Jess

  31. Terri Metts Dedrick says:

    Lifting up both you and Ms. Roma in prayer. Praying for the doctors, nurses and staff that will be attending you during this time. May God heal you and deliver you.

  32. Steve and Alice Ricard says:

    We don’t always understand why things happen to good people. I have questioned but then I have peace knowing God has everything in his hands. What a comfort to know God doesn’t walk with us he carries us. We are praying for you and all your family. Life changes but one thing for use God is steadfast and will not leave us.
    Much love to all
    Steve and Alice

  33. Phil & Jane Martin says:

    Brother Johnny, you and all your family are in our prayers and we know God is in control. We love all of you so much and know that God takes care of his children.
    Love you,
    Phil & Jane

  34. Joan Hatfield says:

    Our prayers are with you and Miss Roma with the upcoming two surgery’s. Claiming God’s promises, Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly more then we can ask or think. Love you all

  35. Wanda, Trey & Abby says:

    Brother Johnny,
    So sorry to hear you are going through so many trials. We will be thinking and praying for you and Ms Roma and your family. God bless you and keep you as he always has. Your faith through your many trials you had shared with us over the years was always a good sheppards example for us. God bless you. Be strong and do not worry.

  36. Lorie & Courtney Taylor says:

    We love you Bro. Johnny and want you to know that we are praying for you and will be thinking about you, Ms. Roma and Joni and John tomorrow. You mean the world to us and we know that God has you in His hands.

  37. Alan & Melanie Giddens says:

    Praying for You BJ. We know God is faithful and good in all things and with the faith you and Mrs. Roma have it exemplifies how and who we should believe in. Hugs to you and the family!

  38. Donna Clarke says:

    Hugs and prayers!!! God has got you in His hands!!

  39. Naomi Miller says:

    We love you Pastor Johnny! We will will praying for you!
    “Jesus answered, “It was not that this man sinned, or his parents, but that the works of God might be displayed in him. We must work the works of him who sent me while it is day; night is coming, when no one can work. As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.” John 9:3-5