The Greatest Story – By Lindsay McDade


Our society is obsessed with a good story. People enjoy movies, books, and plays. Individuals post stories on social media all the time. We are wired to desire a good story, especially an underdog story. Take a look at the most popular movies and books of our time. If you watch the news you’ll likely see such a story, whether it’s a 100 year old lady who ran 100 yard dash, or a teenager who was in a debilitating accident but started walking again against all odds. People love to root for the underdog.

Like all of humanity, we are in the greatest story of all time.  The sad thing is, we have a tendency to ruin it by forgetting why we’re here.

Greatest Story

Once upon a time there was a God: He was THE God, who always existed, who was outside of time and space. He was perfect, without any sin and He was fair, loving, and just.

One day God decided to create a perfect world full of stars, planets, plants, land forms, and animals. In this world He also created man. Unlike the rest of creation, man was created for God. So God made man in His own image, (for Himself) desiring man to worship Him and have a direct, personal relationship with Him. This personal relationship meant that God and man could talk just like you and I do. Man was also free to enjoy and rule over all of God’s creation.

God did not want to force man into this relationship, however, so He gave him a choice. Man was free to choose his Maker or reject God in order to follow whatever he thought was right.

Eventually man chose to reject God and because of this, a curse was placed over all mankind as well as the rest of creation. Rejecting God is always a very serious matter. The resulting penalty was death, hardship, full separation from God, and slavery to desire.

God knew all along that man would reject Him, but despite man’s rejection, God still desired to have a personal relationship with man. So, God provided a way to reverse the penalty.

God sent His own Son in“man form” to fix what man had broken and could never fix independently because of their sin. A price had to be paid for rejecting God and for the wrong that was done.

God’s Son, Jesus, was the first man to live on earth that did not reject God in any way. Jesus endured every temptation that man could face and yet He did not reject His Father.

When the payment was due to fix the rejection of God by man Jesus paid the price by being sinless and perfect. He was sacrificed on a cross, taking the world’s rejection of God on His own self. Three days later Jesus defeated the curse caused by man’s rejection of God by rising from the dead!

The payment was accepted by God and the curse was broken forever! All man had to do was believe Jesus was the perfect sacrifice to pay for mankind’s rejection of God and accept Him as Lord and Savior.

All of mankind must deal with sin, death and hardship, but the one who acknowledges Jesus as God’s Son and accepts Him as the perfect sacrifice to atone for our rejection of a loving God, he will have eternal life and God’s Spirit to guide him so that he will not be bound to a life of sin, death and hardship.  But the one who rejects Jesus’ perfect love and hope, eternal death and torment await him.

Dive Deeper

So, it turns out you and I and the rest of mankind are part of the greatest underdog story ever because of what God did for us. We attained victory when we could not earn it.

Society has successfully taken God out of the story, but He has written Himself all over our DNA. God’s own signature is inscribed on each one of us. This is especially evident in our natural desires and tendencies. When you consider our obsession with rock stars, celebrities and sports figures, it’s clear that we were made to worship, follow or be a loyal fan of something. Yes, man was made to worship. YOU were made to worship.

What are you going to do about this story? Which one are you? The one who accepts Jesus as the perfect sacrifice or the one who rejects Jesus’ perfect love and hope? Remember, you have a choice.  You are writing your own story right now with your thoughts and actions. Will it be triumph or tragedy?

Your choices matter.  But choose carefully.  YOU matter!  Or Jesus wouldn’t have become our sacrifice. Who will you choose?

4 Responses to “The Greatest Story – By Lindsay McDade”

  1. Lucky McDade says:

    Thanks for sharing this moving message about God’s plan of redemption and His desire for us to know and worship Him. Compelled by His great love for each of us, Jesus went to the cross and died for our sins (past, present, and future) so that we could be reconciled to a Holy, loving, and just God. However, we each by faith must believe in Jesus and live for Him or live for Satan and the things of this world that are temporal and quickly passing. So proud of you and your heart for the LORD and the work He is doing in your life! Continue to let His light shine in your life!

  2. Kathy Kearse says:

    Thank you Lindsay for sharing the Gospel. You are a wonderful witness for our church. I look forward to reading more from you.

  3. JEFF HARRELL says:

    Enjoyed the reading. Nice to see more young people understanding the true meaning of salvation. Being a part of a Bible Teaching Church and having our youth and young adults profess their knowledge and love of Jesus Christ makes me proud to be a part of DFBC. Thank You Lindsay McDade for this article and I hope to see more.