prayer logo official official“Devote yourself

     to prayer,

        being watchful

            and thankful.” 

               Colossians 4:2

The purpose of the Pray First Ministry at Dutch Fork is to weave prayer into every aspect of our lives. We believe prayer should be our first line of defense in troubled times, our first avenue of praise when we receive blessings, and an integral part of our everyday worship. 
We invite you to use the Pray First Room located on our campus. 
It is available to individuals during office hours, and to groups during the evening and on Saturday. Please click the link below for more information on how you can reserve the Pray First Room. 

Click HERE to submit prayer

requests to our Pray First Ministry.

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Click HERE to sign up to use the

Pray First Room on campus.

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Other Pray First Ministry opportunities include:
Sunday Morning Prayer Partners: We meet every Sunday in the Pray First Prayer Room from 8:45 – 9:15 am to pray for the Pastor, Worship Team, Bible Teachers, and for all other church activities to be Spirit-filled. View the video below for more info. 
Praying Privately At Home: Sunday and Wednesday prayer bulletins are available with a current list of people in need of prayer. You may request a Pray First Notebook from the church office. The notebook will guide you to pray strategically and specifically for our church, our families, our community, our nation and our world.
Daily Missionary Prayer Requests: Every day a new request from a Southern Baptist missionary may be heard by calling
1-800-395-7729. We also invite you to pray for our own missionaries: PRAYER GUIDE FOR PERU MISSIONS
Praying For The Worship Service During The Worship Service: Please contact the church office if you are interested in participating in this part of the Pray First Ministry. 
Prayer Requests: Prayer requests can be submitted above, and in the box in the church foyer. Prayer Requests cards are located in the foyer on top of the Prayer box. 
Click HERE to contact Mary Boss, Director of the Pray First Prayer Ministry.